Critiques Article from 02/04/2015

Jeb BushArticle Title: “Jeb Bush pitches ‘right to rise’ in 2016 preview” by Benjy Sarlin

I found this article to be fitting for me to critique since the speech took place at the Economic Club of Detroit. The article opens up to a large photo of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush taken during the speech. As I read through the article, there were hyperlinks within the paragraphs of the article, which actually redirected to an external article about the word mentioned. For example, one word that was hyperlinked within the article was “tripped up” and when I clicked on it, that lead me to an article about “Rand Paul: Vaccines can lead to ‘Mental Disorders’” which actually deterred me from my original train of thought on the article I was critiquing so I avoided other hyperlinks in the article. Besides that harmful use of multimedia, I found it rather interesting that this specific article had no sound bite or video attached which could be because it is rather new and has not been reported on the MSNBC channel yet. But still a sound bite would have been nice. Some benefits of the articles use of multimedia are the comments section on the right side of the article. I found that interesting because when I finished reading the article I looked over to the comments section and many users were providing their opinion or facts about what they seen for the ones who attended. There was some debating about whether he (Jeb Bush) would be true to his word and of course there was some bickering about him in general. The article links on the side also allow you to interact with groups that specifically discuss these topics like elections and Republicans. You can also share the article through many social media outlets or an email, you can save the article for a later read, you can vote whether it was good or not and you can post it directly to Facebook or Twitter with the links attached to the article.

In regards to how the article was prepared and written, I would say it was clear and effective in regards to getting the most important information from the speech across to the audience not in attendance. The reporter included many useful quotes from the speech and the style and punctuation fit the angle and the piece context. I can’t however say the reporter was very fair in regards to their perspective of the speech. Personally, it felt left-wing biased, for example, when the reporter would state a quote said by Bush, they would follow with a hesitant tone either stating he didn’t elaborate enough or they wouldn’t comment on that during the Q&A. Not to say they were for or against what was being said, I just read it like they were saying, “this is what he said and you can believe it or not.” I would say, they should stick to the facts and avoid including any emotional inference.


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